Music List 1


For now this is going to be a very straight forward compilation of what I like NOW. But we hope that through out time I get to do something more complex by doing artwork or sketches related to the music or bands that at the same time are going to be featured in my blogs. Let's call it mutual help.

As some have realized, my work is generally related to what I'm listening at the moment. Whether is dark ambient, black metal, heavy metal or classical music, there's always something to extract from certain songs and build upon. Which I find it very interesting as it could be considered a more "design thinking" approach, since I'm being rooted to an existing concept and adding something else to it.

But for now here's a small list:

Woods of Desolation
Album: Torn Beyond Reason (2011)

Debut Demo: Forgotten Aura (2017)

Album: Sound of Pain (2005)

Album: Songs of Grief and Solitude (2006)

There are many more but for now this is a good compilation with a very similar take between  all of them.
Woods of Desolation and Remete are both projects by the same author "D", owner of Cold Ways, his own label.
Uaral is a Chilean band that split-up in 2013. In my opinion some of the best atmospheric black metal I've heard, very proud to say that this comes from the country I am.
And of course, we can't leave without Drudkh. Drudkh is my favorite atmospheric black metal band by far, and has a couple more albums that are in my favorite list as well. They're from Ukraine and still very active since their formation in 2002, with a last album released this very year 2018. It has a very tight consistency through out time and they manage to express sentiment with incredible efficiency without dragging it out and always keeping it interesting.

Well, that's it for now folks.
Thank you for reading.